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From a boutique practice in the heart of Kensington and Chelsea, trailblazing Dr Rhona Eskander is shaking up dentistry with a fresh approach to smile transformations.

Rhona’s modern cosmetic style has earned a legion of loyal fans both at her London clinic and online, where her signature #ChelseaLook is Instagram’s favourite.

It’s also seen Rhona attract a who’s-who of celebrity clients while becoming the media’s first-choice voice on burning dental issues – not to mention a key opinion leader for Invisalign and Enlighten.

But it’s the dentistry that really counts.

With the Chelsea look, and as a figurehead of the slow dentistry movement, Rhona has defined a new benchmark for natural
smile aesthetics – and helped thousands of patients young and old to make new friends with inner-confidence.



From boutique Chelsea Dental Clinic, Dr Rhona provides all the cosmetic and general dentistry needed to create and maintain perfect smiles.

Alongside a hand-selected multidisciplinary team, Rhona serves up the stunningly natural cosmetic dentistry on which she’s made her name – not to mention the everyday stuff designed to keep tip-top smiles looking that way.


Private Dentistry Awards

Best Young Dentist
2016/2017, 2019/2020

Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2017

Facial Aesthetics Botulinum Toxin

Future Forward Winner of the The Chelsea Awards

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental emergencies, white weddings, or a lifetime of hiding away – there are plenty of reasons you might want to treat your smile to a makeover. Rhona’s cosmetic portfolio includes veneers, bonding, orthodontics, laser gum lifts and much more besides.


The look that made Dr Rhona world-famous – launching thousands of happy smiles in the process – #TheChelseaLook® features a triple of alignment, bonding and whitening, with optional veneers to complete. #TheChelseaLook is all about owning what makes your smile unique.


Where the nation’s favourite clear aligner is concerned, it doesn’t get much better than Platinum Provider status. Invisalign awards the accreditation only to the very best dentists.

General Dentistry

Dentistry isn’t all glitz and glam. Rhona regularly rolls up her sleeves for general dentistry, emergency treatments and the other day-to-day stuff that keeps patients looking and feeling fabulous.

Cosmetic Bonding & Veneers

Rhona’s cosmetic bonding and veneers are the cornerstone of #TheChelseaLook. Alone, they’re also a fabulously versatile fix for chips, cracks, gaps asymmetry and much more.

& Counting

If your finger is on the dental pulse, you may already know Rhona is one of the internet’s best-known dentists.

Candid, behind-the-scenes stories have quickly helped Rhona amass an army of more than 109,000 followers and counting on Instagram alone – all within a few years of joining.

With stunning smile transformations for all to see, it’s no wonder Rhona is the dentist of choice for celebs and influencers.

Rhona’s down-to-earth style has also made her a media favourite who’s often invited to voice opinions to the nation in national news and lifestyle magazines, and TV.


What the Papers Say

“Leading the way
in modern dentistry.”


“Book an appointment with
Dr Rhona immediately.”


“A Top role model for other young
women in the industry.”




“Eskander herself sees regulars at her Chelsea clinic who fly over to achieve her increasingly sought-after ‘Chelsea Look’.”

Irish Tatler

“A top dentist…”



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Because gaps can be great.

Keep the gap and perfect the surrounding teeth.

Aesthetic perfection. All very symmetrical.

Symmetry from centre to buccal corridors.

Choose a mixture of shapes and sizes.

Square front teeth meet round incisors.

Curved, feminine contours follow the shape of the lower lip


Embrasures – the gaps between teeth – are more obvious

Translucent edges to mimick nature

Keeping all your natural quirks like uneven gum levels and pointy canines

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Entrepreneur, Speaker & Philanthropist

Leading the Way
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“Dr Rhona is making her mark on a traditionally male-led industry in almost every sphere of her profession… She’s smart, she’s damn good at her job… and she’s very cool with it.”

Future Leader

Along with establishing a name as one of the nation’s most prolific and successful personal dental brands, Dr Rhona Eskander has cemented impressive entrepreneurial and business leadership credentials.

In 2020 she purchased Chelsea Dental Clinic and quickly transformed the practice into a Chelsea’s favourite.

In 2020, Rhona turned her attention to the environment with Pärla Toothpaste Tabs – a greener alternative to conventional toothpaste. The quirky, modern brand quickly emerged as one of the best-recognised toothpaste alternatives that is now playing a small but crucial role in cutting down on the 1.5bn empty toothpaste tubes sent to landfill every year globally.

A Unique Voice in Dentistry

Rhona is a regular on the international conference and lecture circuit, where she lends a voice to dentistry, business, marketing and more. Her keynote speeches have wowed audiences at the Berlin Invisalign Summit and The Dentistry Show.

She also regularly shares her marketing and entrepreneurial nous with businesses, sales teams and fellow marketers. Engagements have seen Rhona address audiences at an impressive selection of venues, including Soho House and The Ned.

  • Improving conversions and patient uptake
  • Using SmileView to onboard Invisalign patients
  • Debunking dental health myths
  • Marketing and
    emotional sales
  • Social media and the millennial mindset
  • Knowing your ‘why’ and how to find it


In 2018, Rhona visited the refugee camp in Moira, Greece, with Health Point Foundation (HPF), which delivers badly needed medical care to people fleeing war. Rhona was part of an international team of volunteer dentists to staff mobile clinics at the camp, which is home to almost 20,000 migrants from the Middle East, Africa and beyond.

Following her work at Moira, Rhona was invited to become a global ambassador for HPF and now works to promote the foundation’s work. Rhona’s work with HPF is part of a commitment to charitable and good causes with a reach far beyond dentistry. She is a fundraiser and supporter of Wells on Wheels which works to ease the burden of women collecting and carrying water in India.

She has also spent a night sleeping rough in central London to raise money for the Glass Door homelessness charity. Rhona is a fierce advocate for women in dentistry who often uses her media profile to highlight issues facing women in the industry.