Covid-19 Response


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, please be assured that Dr Rhona Eskander is adhering to all advice by the WHO, the UK Department of Health and NHS England.


At her practice at Chelsea Dental Clinic, they have always maintained the highest level of infection control and hygiene protocols.

In addition, they are doing the following:

  • They ask everyone to wash their hands upon arrival to the practice and are avoiding all handshakes during this time. 

  • Any patients who do not feel well, have a cough, are experiencing any flu-like symptoms (or if someone in their household is) are being asked to rebook their appointment and isolate as per the government’s instructions.

  • Anyone from the team who may be experiencing any of the above symptoms will be asked to stay home and isolate.

  • If you are experiencing symptoms, but also have dental pain you are advised to call 111 who will be able to advise. Unfortunately, Dr Rhona cannot see you if you are ill.

  • Any patients who feel immuno-compromised in any way, are elderly and otherwise vulnerable are given the option and advice to reschedule.

  • The practice is cleaning door handles and other shared surfaces frequently throughout the day.

  • The practice is attempting to reduce the number of people in the waiting area at any given time and therefore ask patients to attend alone where possible.

  • They are aiming to keep appointments on time and ask patients to please arrive ON TIME rather than too early – late arrival may lead to the appointment being cancelled.

  • If the clinic is running late and the waiting room is becoming crowded, they may advise you to come back at a later time to avoid close contact with other patients.

  • They cannot do any additional treatments that were not booked in advance to avoid impacting other appointments and thereby creating crowding in the waiting area.

  • They are being fully flexible with the rescheduling of appointments. Please give as much notice as possible if wanting to reschedule. 


If you have questions about the above please call us Chelsea Dental Clinic on 020 7349 8889.

Dr Rhona's patients are her priority and she is doing all she can to be safe in order to continue to be of service.


It is the intention of her practice to stay open throughout this time so long as it is safe to do so or until the government advises to close for safety reasons.


Dr Rhona appreciates you understanding and apologies for any inconvenience during this time.