Patient Cases

This result was achieved with a combination of several treatments: Invisalign, teeth whitening and finally composite bonding. 

This lovely patient's teeth had moved after having orthodontic treatment as a teenager. We call it relapse. Got her teeth back to being perfect in 7 months with Invisalign dental treatment.

This lovely patient was treated with Invisalign to start, then teeth whitening followed by composite bonding. Such a beautiful transformation.

This was an interesting case where the patient had old composites that she wanted replaced. We started with teeth whitening, then replacing the first two composites and finally placed two additional composite veneers.

This trauma case was treated with composite resin and tints to achieve a very beautiful and natural result. 

This lovely lady saw me for Invisalign treatment. We finished the treatment with teeth whitening and a little composite bonding. We were both so pleased with the final outcome. 

This treatment is one of my favourite transformations. We started with Invisalign to get the teeth in the right position, then teeth whitening followed by composite bonding.