The Chelsea Look: Exclusive to Dr Rhona's Clinic 

Need a total revamp of your smile but want to keep it looking natural? Consider The Chelsea Look - Dr Rhona's signature look that will have you looking amazing and confident in no time.


The Chelsea Look is the trifecta of cosmetic dentistry and includes alignment, whitening and bonding. It's as easy as 1-2-3.


  1. First, Dr Rhona will align the teeth with braces such as Invisalign.

  2. Next, Dr Rhona will whiten the teeth to ensure they're bright and sparkling.

  3. Finally, minimal edge bonding will enhance the teeth by straightening out the edges and filling in any gaps. The bonding is matched to your tooth shade to give a natural appearance.

As an option, The Chelsea Look can also involve ultra thin minimal prep veneers. These veneers sit on the front surfaces of very straight teeth and can be as thin as contact lenses to give an ultra-natural look. They’re made of ceramic and require minimal preparation of your enamel. 

The entire package for The Chelsea Look starts at £5800. Financing options are available.


Find out if you're suitable for The Chelsea Look - contact Dr Rhona Eskander today.

Financing Options: The Chelsea Look

Case Study: The Chelsea Look