#TheChelseaLook® is the signature look that’s helped establish Rhona as a world-famous dentist.

And it’s launched thousands of happy smiles in the process.

Often imitated, never bettered, Rhona’s Chelsea Look® features a trifecta of custom alignment, cosmetic bonding and whitening. Optional veneers complete the look.

While that sounds like any ordinary smile makeover, #TheChelseaLook® is anything but.

Most alignment bleaching and bonding treatments go all-out to achieve dazzling symmetry and perfection. But #TheChelseaLook is all about owning what makes your smile unique, and a final result that’s as subtle or striking as you make it.

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#TheChelseaLook® Story

Align, Brighten, Bond

#TheChelseaLook® begins with an in-depth consultation process in which Rhona lends a listening ear what you love and hate most about your smile. From there, the process is a simple 1-2-3 hop to personalised perfection.


Rhona usually starts treatment off with orthodontics to close gaps and improve alignment. Invisalign, the discrete removable aligner, is often the clear favourite here but it’s not the only option.

Whitening & Brightening

Perfectly aligned smiles look even better in your chosen shade of white. For this, Rhona has carefully selected a range of leading whitening brands for brilliant results, guaranteed.

You’ll be in great hands. Rhona is a key opinion leader for Boutique, who shares her whitening wisdom with audiences on the international lecture circuit. And she’s also shared tips on national TV.

Cosmetic Bonding and Veneers

For the finishing touch, Rhona subtly recontours and reshapes teeth using a process called cosmetic bonding. This involves adding tiny amounts of tooth-coloured bonding material to straighten and smooth edges, giving teeth a brilliant but natural appearance.

At this stage, some patients also opt for ultra-thin, minimal-prep porcelain veneers. Porcelain’s gorgeous translucency gives veneers natural luminosity and an appearance that’s so lifelike you won’t believe they’re not the real thing.


Keeping your gap but making all the teeth the same length, the same shapes and perfecting everything around the gap


‘Perfect’ shapes. All very symmetrical

Full Buccal corridors

Mixture of shapes and sizes

For example square front teeth and rounder lateral incisors. The front two teeth might be slightly longer

Curved shapes that are feminine and follow the shape of the lower lip


Embrasures are more obvious ie the little gaps between the teeth

Translucent edges to mimick nature

Keeping all your natural quirks. for example uneven gum levels and pointy canines

#TheChelseaLook® Packages

The look that’s setting Insta alight starts at just £4500 with finance and payment plans available. Contact Rhona today to arrange a consultation and find out if you’re suitable.


Invisalign & whitening


Invisalign, whitening & Bonding


Invisalign whitening & veneers
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Ready for Your Chelsea Look®?

Rhona’s signature look starts at just £4500 with finance and payment plans available. Contact Rhona today to arrange a consultation and find out if you’re suitable.

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