Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr Rhona is perhaps best known for her signature #ChelseaLook

Instagram’s favourite signature smile makeover combining alignment, bonding, veneers and whitening in a single package.

But you don’t have to choose the #ChelseaLook to experience cosmetic dentistry by Rhona, who has trained with world renowned Drs Chris Orr and Monik Vasant.

Each of the ingredients is available on its own, or alongside a whole host of other treatments for lifelong brilliant smiles including gum lifts, porcelain veneers, internal whitening and much more.

Rhona’s cosmetic dentistry is a lifeline when you need to look your absolute best for special days like weddings and graduations, or when you find yourself hiding your smile’s imperfections.



If the thought of spending ages in metal braces has put you off orthodontics in the past, you’ll love Rhona’s carefully chosen range of discrete and invisible straightening.

Incredible results with the world’s leading removable clear aligner caught the attention of Invisalign, who awarded Rhona coveted Platinum Provider status and cemented her place among the nation’s best practitioners.

As an Invisalign brand ambassador, Rhona was chosen to be the face of Invisalign’s pop-up clinic in London’s Westfield shopping centre. She often shares insights and tips on advanced treatment with fellow professionals on the international lecture stage.

Teeth Whitening

Tea, coffee, red wine – so many of the best things in life leave telltale stains on our teeth over time.

When it comes to maintaining a brilliant-white smile, daily brushing will take you most of the way. Professional whitening by Rhona Eskander is the finishing touch.

Rhona works with leading Philips Zoom! whitener for effective, gentle whitening at home or in the clinic. She has been a key opinion leader for the brand and a global ambassador for Enlighten whitening. You may have caught Rhona sharing her whitening expertise on the sofa with Eamonn, Ruth and the nation on breakfast TV.

Internal Whitening

Conventional tooth whitening is one of the fastest, most effective routes to smile improvement. But it won’t touch any blackening and discolouration caused by trauma.

This takes a deeper kind of whitening working right at the heart of the tooth.

With internal whitening – an advanced bleaching process penetrating deep beneath the enamel – Rhona works wonders reversing trauma discolouration and bringing teeth back to their natural shade.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are up there with the bow-tie and the little black dress as one of Hollywood’s favourite red-carpet accessories.

These little covers for teeth are ultra-fine, precision-designed and really versatile. Veneers mask a whole host of damage, discolouration and other imperfections to create truly Oscar-worthy smiles.

But you don’t have to go full-on Tom Cruise. Thanks to smart digital design and planning, you can work with Rhona to get your smile looking just the way you want it. And you can even see your new look before committing, with virtual try-on photos.

Bonding & Contouring

Imagine having each tooth sculpted individually to the perfect shape by an artistic genius who also happens to know a thing or two about cosmetic dentistry.

That’s just what happens during bonding and contouring, in which Rhona expertly re-shapes smiles tooth-by-tooth with a gentle bonding material. She likens the material to shellac for teeth.

Like lots of great art, it’s a collaborative process. You’ll get to bond with Rhona beforehand over the finer details like shape, shade, symmetry and more.

Laser Gum Contouring

Believe it or not, the teeth are just one ingredient of great smiles. If you’ve ever smiled to reveal a row of pink gum where the teeth should be, you’ll probably be all too aware that the gums can make or break a selfie.

But just like teeth, asymmetric, receding and high gum lines can be reversed quickly and painlessly with contouring, AKA the gum lift. Rhona works collaboratively with leading gum specialist Mital (Patel?) – hand-selected for unmatched experience with the lift.

In a procedure lasting around half an hour, Mital expertly reshapes and recontours gum lines, bringing them back into harmony and proportion with the rest of your smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry FAQs

Can I Just Have Bonding and Skip Braces or Invisalign?

Ideally, your teeth need to be straightened first because bonding involves adding a material to the teeth. If the teeth are crowded, the bonding would have to be made very thick, which means it can look unnatural. Even worse, it could cause gum disease where the bonding material meets the gums.

Does Bonding Last Forever?

Bonding usually lasts two to five years. Think of it as having your nails or your hair done – it’ll need maintenance every few months because the bonding can pick up stains from coffee, red wine and smoking. So don’t be tempted to skip your usual checkups and hygiene!

Will My Teeth Need to be Drilled to Stumps to Prepare for Veneers?

We’ve all seen those pre-treatment pics of patients with peg teeth before getting veneers. This type of preparation is usually seen when patients travel abroad for treatment. It’s destructive and can have a terrible impact on long-term oral health. Although some prep is usually necessary, it doesn’t need to be so drastic.

For How Long Do Veneers Last?

Just like natural teeth, veneers will need replenishing, replacing and repair. How often depends on how well you look after them – you can expect a lifetime of  seven to 15 years if cared for well. Generally speaking, ceramic lasts longer than resin composite, which is often a stepping stone for porcelain.

Is Veneer Replacement and Repair Destructive?

When replacing or repairing veneers, the dentist has to alter your natural tooth structure. It’s usually done with acid, or by drilling the teeth and can permanently alter the tooth’s integrity.

Good Morning, UK!

Rhona gets cosy with Eamonn and Ruth to let the nation in on some of the secrets behind Hollywood smiles.

Not Your Average Dentist

Go behind the scenes as Rhona checks in with Revolution Beauty’s Jack Jamie and swaps his composite veneers for improved porcelain.

The Name’s Bond

No dental treatment is surrounded by as much mythmaking, falsehoods and outright BS as teeth whitening. Rhona separates the facts from fiction.

Before & Afters

Quick and Natural Minimal Veneers

This case shows what we dentists call an anterior open bite. The patient didn’t want braces and anyway, the chances of relapse would have been very high. Instead, I provided ten minimal, ultrathin porcelain veneers. This is the classic Chelsea Look – quirky, natural with some imperfections and plenty of natural translucency around the edges.

Full Smile Makeover

This patient suffered from bruxism (tooth grinding) which caused tooth wear and stripped the tooth enamel. The underlying part of the tooth – known as the dentine – had started to show, causing yellowing, sensitivity and a worn appearance.

This full mouth rehabilitation required a combination of onlays, veneers and crowns – each carefully planned to create a new bite. Changing the bite lets the patient’s jaw function without breaking the teeth.

The veneers and crowns were designed to look really natural. I even gave the edges a subtly worn look to reflect the patient’s age.

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