Cosmetic Bonding

Here’s a procedure that really blurs the lines between science and art.

With cosmetic bonding, Rhona uses a tooth-coloured material to reshape and recontour the teeth.

The process is a little like sculpting and in Rhona’s hands, the result is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Cosmetic bonding – AKA tooth bonding or dental bonding – is brilliantly versatile. Rhona uses bonding to repair chips, cracks and breaks, and it also works wonders improving the shape and symmetry of teeth.

Results range from all-out Hollywood brilliance to the natural, more subtle aesthetics seen in Rhona’s signature Chelsea Smile.


Mind the Gap

Chips, cracks, breaks – cosmetic bonding fixes all of these and more. But cosmetic bonding has one more fantastic trick up its sleeve.

With edge bonding, Rhona uses the tooth-coloured composite resin to close gaps between teeth. In some cases, edge bonding is a quick and cost-effective alternative to orthodontic treatment.

It’s no wonder this versatile treatment is the cornerstone of so many of Rhona’s smile makeovers and the magic ingredient of her famous Chelsea Look®.

The Name’s Bond

Rhona makes no secret of her love for cosmetic bonding – the process that’s just like adding shellac to the teeth. Rhona talks pros and cons of composite and porcelain veneers.

Jake Jamie’s Smile makeover

Find out what happened when beauty blogger, influencer and face of Revolution X Skincare, Jake Jamie, caught up with Rhona for his smile makeover.

Before & Afters

Edge Bonding

This case really shows off the power of cosmetic bonding. The patient wanted an ultra natural look, so I used the edge bonding technique with #TheChelseaLook in mind and no Invisalign required.

The before pic – taken after Boutique whitening – shows uneven edges and asymmetry.

In the after pic, you can see how the bonding process brought the front teeth parallel to the lower lip. And a smile now reveals those gorgeous teeth in all their glory. The result is beautiful and will be easy to maintain for years to come.

Invisalign, Whitening and Edge Bonding

This patient was unhappy with bonding carried out by another dentist and came to see me for a second opinion. She wanted a square but natural tooth shape.I aligned the teeth with Invisalign and followed up with whitening and edge bonding.

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