Smiles All-Round!

Every face deserves to wear the happiest, healthiest smile. Ask about affordable monthly payment plans and finance options.

Consultation & assessment
Price at consultation
Boutique whitening
Enlighten whitening
Zoom! chairside whitening with homekit trays
Fom £750
£1050 per tooth including wax up
Wax up
£50 per tooth
Bonding per tooth
£475 per tooth
Fixed retainers
£200 per arch
Essix retainers
£150 per arch
Vivera retainers
£600 for 3 sets (lasts 5-6 years)

#TheChelseaLook® Packages

The look that’s setting Insta alight starts at just £4500 with finance and payment plans available. Contact Rhona today to arrange a consultation and find out if you’re suitable.


Invisalign & whitening


Invisalign, whitening & bonding


Invisalign whitening & veneers
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Smile Calculator

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  • Veneers

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  • Bonding

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