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Age Appropriate Veeers

Veneers are always designed and created to match the age and personality of our patients. This older later wanted a brighter and natural looking smile that was appropriate for her age, we ensured the shape, colour and texture were just right for our patient who was delighted with her new smile.

Minimal Prep Veneers

Audrey’s transformation reflects a really natural result. ⁣We aligned the teeth with Invisalign first pushing the teeth back and correcting the overjet. ⁣The colour was corrected with whitening and the shapes with minimal prep feldspathic veneers. ⁣

Softened, Natural Look

By meticulously curving and matching the shade of the veneers to her existing teeth, we produced a stunningly natural and softened look.

Invisalign, Whitening and Edge Bonding

This patient was unhappy with bonding carried out by another dentist and came to see me for a second opinion. She wanted a square but natural tooth shape.I aligned the teeth with Invisalign and followed up with whitening and edge bonding.

Ultrathin Veneers

This patient had heavily stained teeth that were impacting her confidence. She’d also had bonding carried out elsewhere to a poor standard. She opted for ultrathin veneers with handcrafted curved edges and corners for a softened, feminine appearance.

Quick and Natural Minimal Veneers

This case shows what we dentists call an anterior open bite. The patient didn’t want braces and anyway, the chances of relapse would have been very high. Instead, I provided ten minimal, ultrathin porcelain veneers. This is the classic Chelsea Look – quirky, natural with some imperfections and plenty of natural translucency around the edges.

Edge Bonding

This case really shows off the power of cosmetic bonding. The patient wanted an ultra natural look, so I used the edge bonding technique with #TheChelseaLook in mind and no Invisalign required.

The before pic – taken after Boutique whitening – shows uneven edges and asymmetry.

In the after pic, you can see how the bonding process brought the front teeth parallel to the lower lip. And a smile now reveals those gorgeous teeth in all their glory. The result is beautiful and will be easy to maintain for years to come.

Full Smile Makeover

This patient suffered from bruxism (tooth grinding) which caused tooth wear and stripped the tooth enamel. The underlying part of the tooth – known as the dentine – had started to show, causing yellowing, sensitivity and a worn appearance.

This full mouth rehabilitation required a combination of onlays, veneers and crowns – each carefully planned to create a new bite. Changing the bite lets the patient’s jaw function without breaking the teeth.

The veneers and crowns were designed to look really natural. I even gave the edges a subtly worn look to reflect the patient’s age.

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